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Thank you so much for your interest in joining our Mad Potter Team. We are always on the lookout for fun, outgoing, multi-tasking, smart, artistically creative individuals to come on board to help our customers and artists to create amazing masterpieces and memories.

The Mad Potter teams are made up of the following positions:


Studio Managers: 

Full Time

Manage teams of 8-10 employees and the organization and daily operations of their studio. Party planners and organizers at heart, our managers are responsible over an array of duties including: all customer service, special projects, event planning, custom orders, sales and budgeting, inventory management, bi-monthly payroll reporting and general HR. Previous management experience is required.


Asst. Managers:

(Key Holders) Part Time

Oversee 1-3 employees per shift and are responsible for assisting the Studio Manager in their duties as well as closing and opening the register and studio. Most importantly they must be leaders and sales driven individuals with customer service being their first priority. Previous restaurant and/or retail experience is recommended.


Paint Assistants:

(Sales Staff) Part Time

These are self motivated and outgoing individuals with a desire to work in an artistic field surrounded by people. Our creative PA’s act as artistic consultants and teachers to both children and adults, assisting them in painting, party planning, auction projects and other pottery needs. They see to the cleanliness and organization of the studios. Full of energy and always available for questions, Paint Assistants are quick on their feet and always ready with a smile and helpful hint.



Part Time

Both of these positions are flexible in their hours, but require artist skill. Glazers are responsible for glazing and loading each masterpiece into one of our house kilns located onsite. It requires cleanliness, precision and space relational skills. Previous experience is not required, but perfectionists and speedy workers are desired.



The true artists behind the Mad Potter. These artistically talented individuals help fulfill the custom orders and pottery samples of each studio. Applicants with great handwriting and painting capabilities make strong candidates. Great for artists/teachers/moms looking to supplement their income with a “fun” job a few hours a week, more during the holidays.


Summer Camp Instructors:

Part Time

Teaching and/or Camp counseling experience is highly recommended. Our instructors are articulate, creative and patient. A wonderful position for teachers who have the summer off, but would like to work part time. See LOCATIONS tab at the top of this page.


An Equal Opportunity Employer