The Mad Potter welcomes all walk-ins. Reservations are required for groups of 8+ or parties.

People of any age can paint pottery. Infants can participate by doing hand and footprints. Kids come up with some great designs and best of all there are no lines to stay in. It’s whatever you want to paint. All ages can enjoy painting together, why not make it a family outing and everyone paint their own cereal bowl!

No. The studio fee covers your paint, brushes and tools for the day or an hour (up to you) and you can paint until your hearts’ content.  If you get hungry we also have snacks and drinks for $2.

Bring an open mind and a good spirit, everything else that you may need is right here.

Mistakes are relatively easy to fix while you’re in the painting process. The glazes are water-soluble and can be wiped off or scraped off (once dry) if needed. If you’ve never done it before you might want to ask the staff for help.

Absolutely! All of our paint is water soluble and washes off with a little soap and water. Aprons are available to minimize the mess!

All of the paints at The Mad Potter are non-toxic and wash off hands and clothes with soap and water.

It takes a few days for us to get your piece back to you because there are 3 steps it has to go through once you’re done painting it. First your piece must dry completely (approx. 4 hours). Then we dip it in a clear glaze which completely seals it. Once that’s dry we put it in our kiln to be fired, which takes around 24 hours. Then we take it out and sand off the stilt marks (the stilts hold the pottery off the kiln shelves so the two don’t stick together). Sometimes, if we have too many pieces to fit in the kiln, items need to go into another kiln (which may add a day or two).

How long it takes depends on the piece of pottery and the design you’ve chosen. The more intricate the piece and detailed the design, the longer it will take. On average we tell Adults about 1 to 2 hours. Small children 30/45 minutes. Then it takes us about 3 to 4 days to cover it in a clear glaze and fire it in our kilns. After that you can come pick it up and take it home to enjoy.

If you have previously purchased a piece we do charge a small firing fee depending on the size of the piece. At this time we only fire bisque.

We love food. You’re welcome to bring anything with you that you like. And we’re all about snacks! We also sell snacks and drinks in case you forget. There are plenty of great restaurants within about 5 minutes of all of our locations.

Over the past 50 years, lead substitutes have been incorporated into the vast majority of potters’ glazes. There is no lead, barium or cadmium in any of our glazes.

No need to worry if you aren’t artistic. We have a talented group of scripters that specialize in turning that cute footprint into a rocket, bunny or whatever merits the occasion. We can also custom write a message for your loved one, or recreate a company logo for that retirement gift/award.

We will do our best to keep your pottery for 1 – 2 years when storage allows!

The Mad Potter can accommodate small to medium-sized groups for various activities. Garden clubs, social groups, networking associations, church groups, etc. are welcome to host team-building activities or special events at The Mad Potter. Advance notice is required. We will be happy to work with you. Please contact the studio for detailed pricing information.

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feel free to drop by one of our locations or contact us.

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