5 Creative Date Ideas At Home | The Mad Potter

June 16, 2020 3 min read

5 Creative Date Ideas At Home | The Mad Potter

Date Ideas At Home

We know how it is, you want to spend quality time together as a couple, but life gets in the way. Sometimes it just feels easier to order a pizza and watch Netflix together rather than to plan something more unique. Finding time to connect with your significant other is challenging enough, so let us help! Date ideas at home are a great way to remind you that your relationship can be exciting without spending a lot or even going anywhere! Our list of top date ideas at home is a great way to get started! Try one of these once a week and see how right we are!

1. Watch a Movie Outside

Date Ideas At Home Outdoor Movie

Take your typical date night and up it to the next level by moving it outdoors! With the warm weather, you have the chance to do something pretty special. Pick your favorite movie and cozy-up with blankets, pillows, patio furniture, air mattresses, whatever you want! With some simple technology, you can project your video on any flat surface, like your house or garage. Grab some snacks and you are ready for a romantic date night! This DIY production will be totally worth it!

2. Have a Tasting Party

Date Ideas At Home Tasting Party

There are so many great date ideas at home to choose from, but the neat thing about this one is you can add in your own personality by choosing the theme. You can pick any type of tasting party you want---anything is on the table. Chocolate, wine, cheese, exotic fruits, breads with oils---the options are endless. Gather your supplies and drinks, play some music, and experience something new together! What would you like to learn more about? Personally, I vote for the chocolate!

3. Create a Bucket List

Date Ideas At Home Create Bucket List

Have you ever sat down and talked about everything you want to do as a couple? Well, now is the time to write it down! Setting goals and planning dreams together is a meaningful way to bond. What experiences and adventures do you want to have together? Backpack through Europe? Skydive? Maybe something more low-key, like get a couples’ massage or have a tech-free day together. There are no wrong answers here-it’s whatever you want to do together in the future. When it comes to date ideas at home, this one is the most rewarding.

4. Travel Inspired Theme Dinner

Date Ideas At Home Travel Inspired Dinner

Take a trip in spirit by planning a travel inspired theme dinner. After you create your bucket list, use that and get a taste of a destination you want to go to together someday! Is Paris on your list? Plan a french cuisine dinner and sample some wine. Or how about some signature Greek foods? I’m most excited to try an Italian theme dinner (pasta, pasta, and pasta please)! Set the mood with some themed music and decor. Best part? No waiting in long lines to board a plane! Who knew you could get away for the night with date ideas at home?

5. Pottery To Go

Pottery To Go is definitely one of the best date ideas at home to do! The Mad Potter has an amazing selection of pottery to paint and allows you to bring all the fun right to your home! Not only will you be able to express yourself creatively, but you and your significant other will have a memento to remind you of your special date night. You can choose a project from our wide variety of pieces, select anything from coffee mugs, picture frames, or ice cream bowls!

Here are two of our favorites for a date night at home, our 4x6 Frame and Coffee to Go Cup (bonus, it comes with the lid!):

Date Ideas At Home Pottery To GoDate Ideas At Home Pottery To Go

How do you get your Pottery To Go Items? It’s easy

  1. Click here to visit our Website
  2. Select your pottery 
  3. Click Add to Cart
  4. And Checkout!

We’ll call you to confirm the details and get any special requests to ensure that you have a GREAT experience!

Then, you can pick up your Pottery To Go Kit at any of our locations. Plus, we have curbside pick up, delivery, and shipping available.

Just because you aren’t going anywhere or spending a lot, doesn’t mean you can’t have a creative date night. Try out one of these per week and we promise your bond will grow stronger! Put the kids to bed early, relax in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy these date ideas at home!

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