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Easy Ceramic Painting Ideas for Fall

Ah...pumpkins, cinnamon, haystacks, apple cider...even the thought of Fall is exciting! And it’s finally here and you know what that means---cozy craft time is upon us! A great perk when it comes to crafts and pottery painting is that it doesn’t have to be a solo activity. You can get the whole family involved, making your Fall décor even more special than last year. 

With hundreds of options and ideas available, it’s hard to decide what you want to add to your Fall display at home. We’ve put together a list of easy ceramic painting ideas for Fall, so you don’t have to look far for inspiration. The best part is that everything is customizable to your own style and color scheme, so you don’t have to worry about matching your new pottery pieces with the rest of your Fall décor. We’ve got you covered!

1. Mason Jar Pitcher

Easy Ceramic Painting Ideas for Fall Mason Jar Pitcher

We know mason jars are a trendy craft item and that’s exactly why they made our list of easy ceramic painting ideas for Fall! There are so many cute options for crafts, but this one is usable and so festive! This technique uses REAL leaves from outside! Talk about getting into the spirit!

  • Paint 3 coats of the base color of your choice
  • A team member will assist you with the leaves, simply sponge the paint onto the leaf and press down onto your piece

Check out our video with this technique to get ready! 

2. Pumpkin Mug

Easy Ceramic Painting Ideas for Fall Pumpkin Mug

Sticking with our simple color scheme, our pumpkin mug is extra special because once it’s glazed and fired, you can drink out of it! You could even use it as a succulent holder, so many great options!

  • Paint 3 coats of your base colors, inside and out
  • For the leaves, paint 2 coats and then a team member will help wipe some off, to give it an antiqued look!
  • Add some quick polka dots and flecks of paint will give your piece the perfect extra detail

3. Coupe Dinner Plate

Easy Ceramic Painting Ideas for Fall

This one might look too challenging for you but we promise it’s easier than you imagine! We use our silk screening technique to get the flower design before you start painting. All you have to do is paint inside the lines! When it comes to easy ceramic painting ideas for Fall, this one is practically effortless. Plus, it makes a great centerpiece to your Fall display!

  • A team member will silk screen the image onto your piece before you begin
  • Next, just paint inside the lines using your preferred colors
  • For the watercolor effect on the vase and background, just add a bit of water into your paint and with a wet brush, paint 1 coat of your chosen color

4. Tall Pumpkin

Easy Ceramic Painting Ideas for Fall

This one is our personal favorite for easy ceramic painting ideas for Fall! You can customize it with your own last name or special message! And don’t worry about the perfect handwriting, we have a trick for that too! One of our experienced team members will help you trace it on!

  • Paint 3 coats of your base and stem colors
  • A team member will print out your customized lettering and help you trace it on 

5. Pumpkin Box

Easy Ceramic Painting Ideas for Fall

These adorable boxes can be used for candy dishes---what more could you ask for? Store some Halloween treats inside and complete your Fall décor with this cute box! Dress it up with some unique colors on the lid and you are all set. We love easy ceramic painting ideas for Fallthat are also practical!

  • Paint 3 coats of your base, both bottom and lid
  • Use a fun-writer bottle to draw a fun design on the lid

Not so intimidating anymore, right?! Pour yourself a warm cup of tea, grab a cozy sweater, and get ready to paint some of our easy ceramic painting ideas for Fall! And while you’re at it, check out our other Halloween/Fall pieces! And remember, each member of our team is experienced and happy to help every step of the way! If you find something you want to create, let us guide you! We want you to have the Fall display you’ve always dreamed of having!

Easy Ceramic Painting Ideas for Fall

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